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"AI Reflections in 2020" Published in Nature Machine Intelligence

Image credit: : AAUB/DigitalVisionVectors/Getty

Nature Machine Intelligence invited me to contribute to their Feature Article, "AI reflections in 2020", where I discussed my research on copyrighting & patenting the work generated by AI.

But the implications go far beyond generative algorithms. As a society, we're only recently realising the value of our data. The important issues of "who owns our data?", and "why isn't it licensed for commercial use, just as copyrightable works are?" need to be answered.

Moving into 2021, my biggest hope for AI is that we place more emphasis on the urgent issues that have arisen:

- dataset bias;

- recommender systems widening the political divide;

- the carbon footprint of AI;

- distributing the wealth generated by AI; and

- the fact that those who have the power to regulate it have opted to exploit it for personal benefit instead.

The issues of the technological singularity / skynet-esque robotics seem to get way more traction, that we lose sight of the stuff that needs to be addressed now.

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