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IEEE ECCTD 2020 Keynote Address: CMOS-Memristor Nanoelectronics for Neuromorphic Computing

Sung-Mo Kang (U.C. Santa Cruz) and I delivered the keynote address for the IEEE European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design titled "CMOS-Memristor Nanoelectronics for Neuromorphic Computing".

The talk takes a journey from the early stages of CMOS design to current memristor nanoelectronics with critical views for device threading, interconnect and technology for achieving multidimensional design goals: reliability, throughput performance, energy consumption and manufacturing costs.

These principles are applied to neuromorphic systems for brain-inspired computation. The powerful capabilities of these neuromorphic processors can be applied to a plethora of real-world challenges, from data-driven healthcare, to neurostimulation, and in AI-generated artwork, as we make a profound shift away from the sequential processing of Von Neumann machines towards parallel, interconnected neural-inspired structures.

Watch the recording here:

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